Jason Evans (left) and Phil Bouchard. Photos by Tom Hirschmann, 

Phil Bouchard


Jason Evans


Phil and Jason are lifelong friends from New Hampshire. Their formative biking years were spent following Sam Hill’s ascent to downhill glory, scrounging up money to buy their own Ironhorse Sundays, and spending hours building backwoods freeride/downhill features. Fortunately for them, Highland Mountain Bike Park opened when they were still in high school, which gave them a place to express their passion for freeride mountain biking at a larger scale on professionally built terrain. 

Jason and Phil eventually left New Hampshire to pursue college in different states and work professionally in different fields, but remained best friends and always found time to catch up about their glory days when they used to “send it.” In February 2020, Jason and Phil’s respective careers brought them both to Denver, Colorado, where they were excited to be back in a state with top tier access to their favorite sport.  They immediately started riding trails all over Colorado, and while impressed, were curious why there wasn’t a dedicated lift access mountain bike park. 

That’s when the idea for Full Send Bike Ranch was born. Their vision is to fill a void for Colorado’s mountain bike community in a way that is safe, responsible, and overall improves the local mountain bike experience. And of course, they want to send it.

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