Since we launched this project in the fall of 2020, we’ve heard from hundreds of community members who want to learn more. Many people have reached out to offer support and encouragement, and many have reached out with questions. Below, we’ve rounded up the most common inquiries we’ve received.

If you want to chat with us directly, don’t hesitate to reach out: info@fullsendbikeranch.com. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Where does the FSBR project stand right now?

As of fall 2021, the FSBR team is working with necessary state, county, and municipal agencies to prepare the project for submission to Jefferson County’s Planning Commission. The public will then have another opportunity to weigh in as the project moves through the Jefferson County approval process.

How can you get involved?

We plan to launch an awareness campaign as the project gets closer to submission, which will include information about how people can get involved. If you’ve reached out to us in the past we likely have your contact information, but we’ll also be launching a mailing list soon to keep all interested parties updated as the project moves forward. Feel free to email us at info@fullsendbikeranch.com and send us your contact info in the meantime.

Where is the proposed location for the bike park?

The park will be approximately 2.2 miles west on Shadow Mountain Drive, on the South side of the road. It is a 250-acre parcel currently owned by the Colorado State Land Trust. The property is in the Conifer Area.

What kind of riders will FSBR be designed for?

FSBR intends to offer riding for all ages and abilities. Our goal is to safely provide the best downhill/freeride experience in Colorado, regardless of age or skill level. Expert riders will be encouraged to visit the park for our larger and more technical features, while beginner/family oriented riders will be welcomed into the sport through our more mellow trails and rider camps/programs. FSBR will offer something for everyone, and we can’t wait to see you all there.

Is there a residential component to this project? 

No, this is a recreational development opportunity only. There would be nothing residential about the project (e.g. homes, condos, hotels, etc.)

What kind of forest fire mitigation are you planning for the property? 

We are partnering with Elk Creek Fire and the State Forest Service on a formal forest fire mitigation plan that would bring the entire property to a healthy status over a period of 3-7 years. The proposed property is currently a forest fire risk to the Confier Area, we aim to reduce that risk by bringing the property into a healthy status.

Are there plans for onsite EMS personnel? 

Yes, we will have onsite first-aid personnel to respond to incidents at the park. We would also have a formal emergency response plan in place with Elk Creek EMS. 

Where would EMS/First Aid stations be located?

Our first-aid station would be located inside as part of the main day lodge.

What additional strain would be put on Elk Creek Fire and EMS responding to Shadow Mountain Drive accidents and injuries at the park?

The majority of injuries at the park will be handled by our on-site EMT team, with the goal of not adding strain on Elk Creek EMS. We will have a formal plan for Emergency Medical Response with Elk Creek Fire to efficiently respond if needed, and the park will be designed to minimize “hike in” incidences. The park will consolidate riders onto professionally designed and managed biking-only trails, with the goal of centralizing and expediting mountain bike related emergency response in the Conifer Area.

As far as responding to accidents on Shadow Mountain Drive, we will be conducting a formal traffic survey to assess potential needs to reduce danger on the road where possible. 

What are the water/natural resources usage implications of this project? 

Current projections put our water and natural resources impact below what the property is zoned for today. If water usage exceeded expectations, we are working on a water augmentation plan to backfill over-consumption.

How does the park plan to address wildlife impact?

We have opened a dialogue with Colorado Parks and Wildlife to understand migration paths in the area, which will inform our design and minimize the impact to wildlife on the property.  Most of our infrastructure is being proposed on a portion of the property that is already fenced off to large game.

What are your plans to address/mitigate traffic? 

We are working on a formal in-depth traffic survey to understand our impact and mitigate our strain on community roadways.

 Is this a seasonal venture or a year round venture? What months do you anticipate operating? Are you permitting any other activities on the property?

The park plans to operate from April-October, weather permitting.  We do not plan to permit any other activities on the property, but do envision giving the community different kinds of cost-free access to enjoy the forest (e.g. hiking, cross country skiing, etc.)

Do you have plans to minimize the viewscape impact of the park? 

Yes, we are working with with the community to make sure the park compliments the landscape in every way possible. It’s possible some of our larger infrastructure would be hidden from the roadway entirely.

Where and how big would the proposed structures be? (Lodge, lift, first-aid, parking lot.)

We’re still engineering formal site plans. We are working with necessary departments, but want to get the community involved to hear concerns before finalizing plans. We expect the parcel on the south side of Shadow Mountain Dr. will be the location of all operations, and we do not expect infrastructure to expand beyond our lift, lodge, parking lot, and necessary outbuildings.

Will there be any light pollution from the park?

No. It would be a daytime operation only.

What kind of noise will this park generate?  How do you plan to  mitigate that? 

Mountain biking is a quiet sport in nature, and our chairlift will be fully electric. It would be a daytime operation only.

What kind of retail operations are planned for the site?

The only retail operations that will be on the mountain would be operated by the mountain within the lodge: selling park-branded merchandise like T-shirts with bike parts available (e.g. tubes, tires) to keep riders on the hill. We will not have other retailers on site. This will not in any way resemble what a retail village at a ski resort looks like. Any visitors with retail interests will be encouraged to visit local businesses in Conifer.

Conifer is already a mountain bike destination. Will this exacerbate rider volume in the area?

The mountain will actually consolidate riders onto biking-only trails on the mountain, which would effectively reduce riders on the mixed-use trails and relieve congestion—making them safer for hikers and users.

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